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CSI of MI began in a small, simple space in 2003. Our vision was to bring expert hands-on therapies, beginning with Craniosacral Therapy, to individuals for whom traditional Physical Therapy programs were falling short. The clinic grew rapidly, embracing dozens of therapies to help pain reduction. In 2005, owner, Vanessa LK Howe, MSPT, was introduced to a new type of technology, designed to help with chronic pain, called Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). FSM was the missing piece in our ‘toolbox’. We now feature a comprehensive array of therapies to to help our clients finally break the chains of pain and live fuller and more satisfying lives!


Vanessa excelled at FSM, and early on became one of only 3 national instructors in the work. FSM became a rising star in professional athletics in the early 2000s. Then regarded as a foremost expert at FSM Vanessa’s role shifted from a Metro Detroit area physical therapist, to a National Injury Consultant. This national notoriety also raised the profile of the clinic’s clientele. Today you are as likely to see athletes (of any and all levels) as well as our many cherished clients suffering from chronic or acute pain.


CSI continues to evolve to bring you the most up-to-date, innovative solutions for pain, injury healing, and general wellness.  As an instructor, Vanessa never stops learning, in order to bring you the benefits from the cutting edge of ever-evolving pain treatments. In addition to teaching FSM nationally, Vanessa is also a national instructor in Magnet based technologies (pEMF) for pain and wellness. She oversees a National Conference held annually for microcurrent, lectures both at the college level, as well as continued education courses for medical professionals on the science behind the new technologies of today and tomorrow.


In 2017, Vanessa’s expert and innovative approach to FSM drove her to launch her own device, called the HoweRT® Micro Sport®. Now sold all over North America and abroad, her work continues to spread far beyond the Metro Detroit area! Vanessa is proud the Micro Sport® has been a part of team rehabilitation for 2 Super Bowl Champions in the first few years since its launch! 


CSI now has locations in both Brighton and Rochester Hills, Michigan. We continue to provide expert hands-on therapies combined with innovative, effective technologies to help you reach your personal goals. Our motto has always been to ‘help each person, exactly where they are—to get them one step closer to where they want to go’. Whether your goal is to play pain-free with your grandchildren, golf this weekend with your friends, win your Little League game or a Super Bowl...CSI has a plan, and the tools to help you reach for those goals!

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